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What is the Go-Lab Ecosystem?

The Go-Lab Ecosystem offers science teachers an opportunity to create highly interactive and personalised inquiry learning experiences for their students. The Go-Lab Ecosystem offers a unique and broad set of remote and virtual laboratories that form the starting point for Inquiry Leaning Spaces (ILSs). In an ILS, an online lab is combined with multimedia material and inquiry learning apps, which are dedicated tools to support inquiry learning processes (such as designing an experiment). The structure of an ILS follows an inquiry learning cycle with dedicated inquiry phases. The Go-Lab Authoring Platform (www.graasp.eu) offers full facilities to create in a very straightforward and easy way personalised ILSs from an online lab or to re-use and adapt ILSs that were created before by other teachers.

What do Go-Lab and Next-Lab stand for?

Both Go-Lab and Next-Lab are research projects co-funded by the European Commission and sponsoring the Go-Lab Ecosystem. Go-Lab stands for Global Online Science Labs for Inquiry Learning in Schools. This project started in 2012 with the aim to open up online laboratories for the use in schools. During its four-year duration, Go-Lab reached more than 1,600 teachers from 15 European countries, who took part in Go-Lab training and now use the Go-Lab Ecosystem in their classrooms. Next-Lab (Next Generation Stakeholders and Next Level Ecosystem for Collaborative Science Education with Online Labs) started in January 2017 as a follow-up of Go-Lab and aims to reach 14,000 in-service and pre-service teachers from 30 countries. Furthermore, Next-Lab will continue developing the Go-Lab Ecosystem enriching it with new features required by teachers and students.

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