About the Go-Lab Project and the Go-Lab Portal


What are we doing with the Go-Lab Portal?

The Go-Lab portal offers science teachers the opportunity to create highly interactive and personalised inquiry learning experiences for their students. The Go-Lab portal offers a unique and broad set of online laboratories (virtual, remote, and datasets) that form the starting point for Inquiry Leaning Spaces (ILSs). In an ILS, an online lab is combined with multimedia material and inquiry learning apps which are dedicated tools to support inquiry learning processes (such as designing an experiment). The structure of an ILS follows an inquiry learning cycle with dedicated inquiry phases. The Go-lab authoring platform (www.graasp.eu) offers full facilities to create in a very straightforward and easy way personalised ILSs from an online lab or to re-use and adapt ILSs that were created before by other teachers.

What does Go-Lab stand for?

The Go-Lab project is a research project co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme (FP7). It stands for Global Online Science Labs for Inquiry Learning at School. The Go-Lab project opens up online laboratories to encourage young people (students of 10 - 18 years old) to engage in science topics and experience the culture of doing science by undertaking active guided experimentation. Please find more information at: http://go-lab-project.eu/.

What is inquiry learning?

Inquiry is an approach to learning in which students follow their own questions or hypotheses and create knowledge by investigating and experimenting. A typical inquiry learning process consists of several learning phases organized in an inquiry cycle. Characteristic phases are orientation, conceptualisation (theory building), investigation, discussion, and conclusion. For effective inquiry learning to take place, offering online labs is not enough, students need to be guided by assignments and inquiry tools, and supportive material. In Go-Lab, teachers can create Inquiry Learning Spaces to provide the necessary learning resources, tools, and structure, to their students.

Where can I learn how to use the Go-Lab Portal?

You can have a walk-through with the Go-Lab tutorial at the support page! 

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