Apps, also known as tools or widgets, are small web based software applications supporting specific learning or teaching goals and tasks in online labs. Apps can be added to a Inquiry Learning Space together with online labs. Apps are grouped within inquiry learning spaces according to their functionalities and purposes, and used to support particular experimenting and learning activities in online labs.

The GoModel modelling app allows you to create models and simulations. It can be used in various scientific domains to investigate complex phenomena. GoModel is based on the System Dynamics modelling language with stocks, flows, and feedback...Read more

Go-Lab inquiry apps
App type: 
OpenSocial gadget

With Quest, teachers can create questionnaires and surveys. You can use Likert scales, multiple choice questions, or open answers as question types. Smileys and images can be included in questions, and the teacher can get an overview of all...Read more

General apps
App type: 
OpenSocial gadget


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