In this activity we will discover how pressure is related to height, using an Arduino and a pressure sensor. You can also use one Raspberry Pi...

    Conceptele “radioactivitate” şi “radiaţii” fac parte din vocabularul oricărei persoane, indiferent de studiile pe care le are....

This simulation shows two blocks moving along a track and colliding with each other and...

Exploring matter.

Το μάθημα αυτό ασχολείται με το φαινόμενο της ώσμωσης σε ζωντανά κύταρρα. Οι κυριότεροι στόχοι του μαθήματος είναι οι μαθητές να ορίζουν το...

Este es el escenario base de esta investigación con todos sus apartados.

Orientación. Ayuda a conocer la situación actual...

Evolução histórica da Tabela Periódica

ILS honetan erreakzio kimikoen doiketak landu egiten dira.

This is an interactive simulation of a string under tension. Note that the vertical...


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