Learn how friction causes a material to heat up and melt. Rub two objects together and they heat up. When one...

The Gas Laws bring together temperature, volume and pressure and help us to see how these factors are related.

The Our Acidifying Ocean lab explores the chemistry of ocean acidification and its impacts on sea urchin larvae...

The WorldWide Telescope is a rich visualization environment that functions as a virtual telescope, bringing together...

Demonstrates the influence of temperature, light intensity, and CO2 on photosynthesis.

The Reflection Tool gives feedback to students about their use of an Inquiry learning Space (ILS). The tool displays...

Kinetic Molecular Theory describes the behaviour of tiny gas particles, which are too small to be seen even with the...

Simulation of meteorite impacts on Earth.

The activity is inspired...

This Inquiry Learning Space aims at understanding the different types of radioactivity particles and the basics about radioactivity decay. Factors...


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