Publishing a new lab

Dear lab owner,

Are you interested in sharing your online lab with school teachers on Golabz?

In order to publish your lab in Golabz, you need enter some information about you and your lab, such as lab owner, a description and subject domains. The mandatory fields are marked with a red *. (Although the field "Lab apps" is not marked with *, it is mandatory for being used in an ILS properly!)

Important requirements:

To publish your lab you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You own the rights to this lab and agree to allow Go-Lab users to use your lab freely.
  • You provide sustainable access to your lab to Go-Lab users.
  • Your lab needs to be hosted online and run in a browser. You need to provide a weblink.
  • Allow easy integration of your lab in an inquiry space, Go-Lab uses OpenSocial gadgets. Hence your lab needs to be available as an OpenSocial gadget. In case you do not have such OpenSocial gadgets, you can create an OpenSocial gadget following the OpenSocial specification. Go-Lab also supports you to create your gadget with Smart Gateway Service easily by a couple of clicks. To publish your lab on Golabz, you need enter the link(s) of the XML file(s) of your OpenSocial gadget(s).
  • You need an account on Graasp. In case you do not have an account yet, you can create a Graasp account here.

If you experience problems with publishing your lab or don't know how to create an OpenSocial gadget, please contact Go-Lab by clicking the button "Get assistance". The Go-Lab experts will be glad to help you share your lab. 

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Thank you!


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