Go-lab approved
Lab type: 
Remote lab
Lab owner: 
Christian Kreiter,
Danilo Garbi Zutin
Contact person: 
Christian Kreiter
Age range: 
12-14, 14-16, 16-18, >18
Level of difficulty: 
Level of interaction: 
Booking required: 
Lab description and primary aims of the lab: 

The VISIR system provides an extraordinarily flexible environment in which students can construct and test different circuits. The modularity of the VISIR hardware permits for some flexibility level concerning the resources (circuit components and lab equipments) students have at their disposal to construct and test circuits. Beyond this, the VISIR platform is remarkable in the interactivity it presents to students. Electronic circuits can be built and tested by students with a degree of freedom normally associated with a traditional, hands-on electronics laboratory.

The original VISIR online workbench offers the following flash client modules:

  • A Breadboard for wiring circuits
  • Function generator, HP 33120A
  • Oscilloscope, Agilent 54622A
  • Triple Output DC Power Supply, E3631A
  • Digital Multi-meter, Fluke 23

Series or parallel circuits, resistors, diodes and LEDs are only some of the terms and the concepts that can be found in the Physics.

VISIR aims to teach students how to: 
  • Understand the basic laws (Ohm's and Kirchhoff's law)
  • Create simple electric circuits
  • Understand the behaviour of electronic components

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