Luis Vaquerizo
Age range: 
Level of difficulty: 
Level of interaction: 
Average learning time: 
3 didactic hours
Access rights: 
Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)

This ILS can be used as an introduction of “Machines and mechanisms” with 12 – 13 year old students. Videos capture the attention of the students; hypotheses make them think about the relationship between sizes, and rotation speed, about the way gear trains are connected and how they spin. Also gear sketch lab allows them to build gear trains and check their hypotheses.

Finally they upload their work and discuss what they have learnt in the classroom.

Subject domain: 
Inquiry Learning Phases: 
Introduction (Orientation)
Theory 1 (Conceptualisation)
Theory 2 ()
Investigation (Investigation)
Conclusion (Conclusion)
Apps in use: 

This app allows students to upload files, e.g., assignment and reports, to the Inquiry learning Space. The app also allows teachers to download the uploaded files.Read more

Collaboration apps, General apps
App type: 
OpenSocial gadget

In the conclusion tool the learners can check whether the results of experiments in the form of data graphs and/or observations support their hypotheses from the hypothesis scratchpad or are relevant for the questions posed in the question...Read more

Go-Lab inquiry apps
App type: 
OpenSocial gadget
Discussion (Discussion)
Educational objective: 

The educational objective is to try out and learn the relationship between sizes, and rotation speed, about the way gear trains are connected and how they spin. Students learn by doing.



1.   In the classroom and using the interactive whiteboard, students use the ILS: watch videos, answer questions, write hypotheses and use Gear Sketch Lab.

2.   At home each student uses the ILS and uploads his / her activities: hypotheses and mechanisms each one has made with Gear Sketch Lab.

3.   Students explain in the classroom their hypotheses and their mechanisms.

Organisational requirements: 

In the classroom we need an interactive whiteboard and a computer with Internet . Students need a computer with Internet at home.




Students' prior knowledge: 
It is not needed prior knowledge.
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