Genética 1

Silvia Leiva
Age range: 
14-16, 16-18
Level of difficulty: 
Level of interaction: 
Average learning time: 
2 didactic hours
Access rights: 
Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)

Vamos a iniciar un viaje de "autodescubrimiento"...¿quieres acompañarme?

Seguro que alguna vez te han dicho que tienes los ojos de tu madre o la nariz de tu abuelo, que te pareces mucho a tu padre o que el color de tu pelo es como el de tu tia... Son carácteres que se heredan...

Vamos a descubrir juntos como puede ser esto posible .

Actividad sobre genética básica: comprobamos las leyes de Mendel trabajando en un laboratorio virtual haciendo cruces con
Drosophila melanogaster.
Inquiry Learning Phases: 
Orientation (Orientation)
Conceptualisation (Conceptualisation)
Investigation (Investigation)
Labs in use: 

Demonstrate the evolution of the drosophila melanogaster along various generations. The flies are genetically modified.Read more

Lab owner: 
Javier Garcia-Zubia
Age range: 
Apps in use: 

The Data Viewer provides features for learners to organise and visualise the data from experiments. Data sets can be presented in different ways, e.g. as a bar chart, scatter plot or line chart. As a teacher you can change the configuration of...Read more

Go-Lab inquiry apps
App type: 
OpenSocial gadget
Conclusion (Conclusion)
Apps in use: 

This app allows students to upload files, e.g., assignment and reports, to the Inquiry learning Space. The app also allows teachers to download the uploaded files.Read more

Collaboration apps, General apps
App type: 
OpenSocial gadget

In the conclusion tool the learners can check whether the results of experiments in the form of data graphs and/or observations support their hypotheses from the hypothesis scratchpad or are relevant for the questions posed in the question...Read more

Go-Lab inquiry apps
App type: 
OpenSocial gadget
Discussion (Discussion)
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