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Do you know how to use this Go-Lab Portal to explore the online labs and create your own inquiry learning spaces? You could go to the support page by clicking the menu item. In addition, we have created a space with instructional videos to show how the Go-Lab portal works! We recommend our users strongly to start with this tutorial to gain an insight of the portal. Try it right now!

If you want to integrate other tutorials related to this topic, we recommend you that you sign up in Graasp. After that, you could copy this space to create your own inquiry space by clicking the button under the image. 

As an overview: This space introduces the scope and functionality of the Go-Lab platforms for inquiry learning. Golabz focuses on providing the necessary resources for teachers for inquiry activities fostering sharing and reuse of these resources. While Graasp enables teachers to create the inquiry activities and (re)use Golabz resources.

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