Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) are personalized learning resources for students, including a lab, apps, and any other type of multimedia material. ILSs follow an inquiry cycle. Inquiry cycles can differ but the basic Go-Lab cycle consists of the phases Orientation, Conceptualisation, Investigation, Conclusion, and Discussion. The aim of an ILS is to provide students with an opportunity to conduct scientific experiments, being guided through the inquiry process and supported at each step.

This page presents ILSs created by teachers or the Go-Lab and/or Next-Lab team (and often in co-creation), on a large set of domains and in many languages. You can create ILSs starting from an online lab, but also copy and adapt an existing ILS with the help of the Go-Lab authoring platform. Visit the Support page where you will find demo-videos, tips & tricks, and user manuals, that explain how to work with the Go-Lab authoring platform and how to publish your own ILS once it is finished.

We aim to find out where the error lies in placing geometry elements.Two figures are composed of the same polygons but in another order.
Amb aquesta ILS estudiarem el rol dels aminoàcids per a la correcta estructura 3D d’una proteïna mitjançant el cas de l’Anèmia Falciforme.
The way we perceive the diet and the choices we make every day have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing.To be able to see visible effects, people need to understand that proper and healthy eating must not be occasional, but must be integrated into a lifestyle that will ensure overall he
Saps quin grup sanguini ets? Creus que pots donar sang a tothom? Anem a treballar sobre els grups sanguinis.
Aquesta ILS ens permet treballar al voltant de la contaminació dins dels ecosistemes i la dificultat que hi ha en eliminar-la i sobretot poder investigar les causes.
Role of weak interactions in protein folding
Come possono esser utilizzati i risultati degli incroci di Drosophila per valutare la validità delle leggi di Mendel?
ILS honetan ikusiko dugu eboluzio mekanismoak  ez direla beti  bat datoz
ILS honetan DDTaren eragina kate trofikoan aztertuko dugu.