Inquiry Spaces

An Inquiry Learning Space (ILS) offers science students the opportunity to engage in inquiry learning in a structured and supportive manner. Inquiry spaces are learning environments that can contain labs, learning resources, and apps that support inquiry learning processes. Learning resources are typically texts, videos, and other materials to assist students to grasping a basic understanding of the learning material and to prepare them for investigations or performing experiments. Teachers usually set up an inquiry space for their students. An inquiry space can be shared with other teachers who can repurpose and adapt it to fit their own needs and goals.

How to create an inquiry space? An inquiry space can be created directly from an online lab by using the “create inquiry space” button at the page at Golabz that describes the lab. This button opens the Go-Lab authoring platform ( with an inquiry cycle defined, the lab in the investigation phase, and the other phases ready to be filled with learning resources and apps. An alternative route is to select an existing ILS here and use the button “copy and use this inquiry space” to create a new version of the inquiry space that can be adapted a personalised. You could find more support information here.

Use scenarios to create Inquiry Spaces.
The Go-Lab experts have also prepared a few senarios to help teachers create inquiry spaces based on a specific pedagogical idea. Check out the scenarios

Publishing Inquiry Spaces: Many teachers have been publishing their inquiry spaces in various languages besides English. Thanks to teachers' support, Go-Lab is able to share plenty of educational resources with you. You can also share your own inquiry space by using the "Publish inquiry space" button once your ILS has been completed in the Go-Lab authoring platform.

We would be glad to hear from you if you have any question or feedback.

Ambiente virtual de aprendizagem para o ensino de Equilíbrio Quí more


O cenário que se segue é uma interpretação e adaptação para o Go-Lab do cenário da Experiência de Eratóstenes (Ensino Secundário) disponível no site Inspiring Science Education (ISE).
... read more

Age range: 
6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16, 16-18, >18
José Gonçalves (NUCLIO)

Usar, inventar e analisar códigos biná more

Age range: 
14-16, 16-18, >18

The food preparation is a daily process. Need to consume energy for cooking in the kitchen, the oven, the microwave. This energy we get from the combustion of gas or electricity.Many of our meals are warming the food to cook. Sometimes, in the... read more

Age range: 
10-12, 12-14, 14-16, 16-18
Checchetti Andrea
Bruno Maria Clotilde
Martano Donato
Guardavalle Cinzia
Parisi Orsola
De Marco Leonardo
Fabbricatore Maria Giuseppa
Mainieri Giuseppina
Morrone Stefania
Pulega Esterina
Spagnuolo Rosa Giuliana
Todisco Clara

The module combines CLIL methodology and IBSE teaching. It focuses on Enzymes, and consists of two parts, one dedicated to theory and one to a laboratory experiment on the influence of temperature and pH on Enzymes more


Esta atividade enquadra-se na unidade 2 do 11ºano da disciplina de Física e Química, que diz respeito ao caráter ácido-base de soluções aquosas, nomeadamente nas consequências das chuvas á more

Age range: 
12-14, 14-16, 16-18, >18
Μαρία Συμεών
Αγγελική Δημητρίου

Το μάθημα αυτό αποτελεί μία εισαγωγή για την ενότητα Φως και Φακοί, ξεκινώντας με προβληματισμό πως μπορούμε να θεραπεύσουμε τις ασθένειες τις όρασης θα μάθουμε πληροφορίες για τα δύο είδη φακών, μέσα από διάφορα πειράματα που θα... read more

Tanasescu Gabriela-Violeta
Age range: 
12-14, 14-16, 16-18
Angeliki Karageorgopoulou
Fortini Siligardou
Ana Maria Fernandes
David Doherty

A short 6 x 40 min lesson to relate the effect of hydrochloric acid on marble to the effect of acid rain on limestone  and organic materials such as plants. This lesson requires no prior understanding but does require facilitation by the teacher... read more


Rachel Carlson, precursora involuntaria de la Agencia de Protección Ambiental de Estados Unidos, la conocida EPA, de la celebración del Día de la Tierra y del movimiento filosófico y político que hoy llamamos ecologismo.El escenario base de esta... read more

Age range: 
12-14, 14-16, 16-18


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