When the Collaboration tool is added to an ILS in Graasp, groups of students can share specific apps and labs, which includes viewing the actions and mouse movements of the other students in real-time. The list of collaborative apps includes: Concept Mapper, Hypothesis Scratchpad, Question Scratchpad, Table Tool, Observation Tool, Input Box, Ride Assessment App. The list of collaborative labs for now only includes the Electrical Circuit Lab. In the configuration of each of the apps above, the teacher can indicate whether this app should be collaborative or not, This can only be done after the Collaboration app has been added to the ILS in Graasp.

In Graasp, in the Collaboration tool the teacher can distribute students into collaboration groups. This can be done before students login to the ILS, in which case they need to use the login names the teacher has given them, or after the students have logged in, in which case the names the students have chosen to log in are available for the teacher.

The student view of this tool displays to the student in the ILS the names of all the members within the same collaboration group.

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