The Concept Mapper tool lets learners create concept maps, to get an overview of the key concepts and their relations in a scientific domain. They can define their own concepts and relations or choose from a list of predefined terms.

As a teacher you can change the configuration of this tool. By clicking on the gear icon, the configuration menu will open. In this menu you can add, remove or adjust the predefined terms to fit your domain and adapt the content of the help file. It is also possible to offer a partly finished concept map for learners to extend or correct.

This app also allows providing real-time feedback to students (using avatars) while they are creating their concept maps. To use this feature, you can enable automatic feedback in the configuration, choose an avatar, and then design an expert map in authoring mode.

This app can also be configured to run in collaboration mode. To enable collaboration, add the Collaboration Tool.

To learn more about how to configure the app, visit the Support Page's section on How to set up Apps, or use this direct link

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