The Data Entry tool lets learners enter results in a table. As a  teacher you can define the columns of the table or leave that up to the learners. The learners can then use the Data Viewer to visualize the results.

The Data Entry tool has some similarities with the Table tool.  Whereas the Data Entry tool is more suited for entering numeric data and this data can be used by the Data Viewer, the Table tool is very suited for entering text in the table cells. The Data Viewer does not work together with the Table tool.

This Data Entry tool can also be configured to run in collaboration mode. To enable collaboration, add the Collaboration Tool to the ILS in Graasp.

The Data entry tool is a premium app and it is free of charge available for the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find more information here.

To learn more about how to configure the app, visit the Support Page's section on How to set up Apps, or use this direct link.

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