The Questionnaire Construct App summarizes the results of student answers on a questionnaire, in the form of scores on a set of constructs. For each construct (e.g., motivation or interest), the scores on a number of items are combined into one qualification (e.g., high, average, low). With this app, the student can inspect his or her qualification on each construct (e.g., motivation is high, interest is average etc.). The teacher creates the constructs and indicate which questions from the questionnaire belong to a specific construct. For each construct up to seven levels (e.g., very high, high, etc.) can be specified and the range of summed scores belonging to each level can be determined (e.g., very high is 90% and up). Defining the labels for the constructs and for the levels is fully up to the teacher.

To learn more about how to configure the app, visit the Support Page's section on How to set up Apps.

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