Apps are dedicated software tools that help students in their inquiry learning tasks and help students to create hypotheses, design experiments, make predictions, formulate interpretations of the data, etc. Other learning apps present students, for example, with a quiz or allow students to view online teacher feedback. The apps can be combined with an Online Lab to create an Inquiry Learning Space (ILS). Learning Analytics apps give teachers an overview of students’ progress in the ILS.

This app shows for every phase in an inquiry space which users are currently active in that phase. Users are shown with their profile picture or the first letter of their name. The visualisation is updated in real time.
This app displays a table with the time spent for each student in each phase of an Inquiry Learning Space (a Go-lab learning environment). The time spent is updated in real time for each user and phase.
The Concept Cloud gives an overview over all concepts used in the Wiki Tool, the Concept Mapper, and the Hypothesis Tool. By clicking on a concept, students get further reflection questions on the concept. Also, teachers can filter for single students, apps, or phases.
The Timeline app displays the time students have spent in a certain phase and the exact time a certain app has been used. Students can extend or reduce the time span and filter for apps.
The “Concept Map Dashboard” supports the reviewing of student concept maps, giving insights in group knowledge and its development over time.
This app allows the teacher to see at a glance the list of files created by the students when they did it. Its aim is to have a real-time overview of the submitted files of each student in the ILS.
The “Group Formation App” calculates an optimal and heterogeneous grouping of students who used the ILS based on diversity in their knowledge.  
This tool allows students to state themselves their overall progresses across phases in a given inquiry learning activity (between 0 and 100%). The self-assessment indicator can be adjusted at anytime using the cursor.