Apps are dedicated software tools that help students in their inquiry learning tasks and help students to create hypotheses, design experiments, make predictions, formulate interpretations of the data, etc. Other learning apps present students, for example, with a quiz or allow students to view online teacher feedback. The apps can be combined with an Online Lab to create an Inquiry Learning Space (ILS). Learning Analytics apps give teachers an overview of students’ progress in the ILS.

The Questioning Scratchpad helps learners formulate research questions. In addition to free text editing, pre-defined domain terms are offered to support them. As a teacher you can change the configuration of this tool.
This app allows students to upload files, e.g., assignment and reports, to the Inquiry learning Space. The app also allows teachers to download the uploaded files.
The observation tool allows students to record observations made while preparing, conducting and analyzing experiments. Observations, together with data analyses, can later be retrieved in the conclusion tool as a basis for drawing conclusions.
This app displays the number of actions of the students in an ILS per app as a bar chart. Students can adapt the visualisation by filtering for apps and by altering the representation.
The Concept Map Aggregation integrates all concept maps of a single ILS into one, differing the size of concept nodes and the strength of their relations depending on how many students have actually used them.
A Wiki app for students' collaborative editing work and discussions
This app plots mathematical functions. Multiple functions can be drawn in the same plot. Derivative and a tangent can be inserted for the last added function via the press of a button.
This widget embeds MindMeister which is a collaborative mind mapping software allowing its users to visualize their thoughts in the cloud.  MindMeister provides a way to visualize information in mind maps, while also providing tools to facilitate real-tim
With the quiz tool teachers can create quizzes containing multiple-choice, open answer and two-way (yes/no) questions. The questions, possible answers and feedback to the student can be edited interactively in the configuration.
This app shows for every phase in an inquiry space which users are currently active in that phase. Users are shown with their profile picture or the first letter of their name. The visualisation is updated in real time.