Apps are dedicated software tools that help students in their inquiry learning tasks and help students to create hypotheses, design experiments, make predictions, formulate interpretations of the data, etc. Other learning apps present students, for example, with a quiz or allow students to view online teacher feedback. The apps can be combined with an Online Lab to create an Inquiry Learning Space (ILS). Learning Analytics apps give teachers an overview of students’ progress in the ILS.

This app shows in which phase of the ILS is each student currently active. It can also be configured to show in which app the students performed their last activity. The activity information is updated in real time.
This app shows a summary of the number of actions performed by the students in the different apps found in the ILS. Students can use it to compare their app activities with those of other students and the average. The names of the other students are anonymous.
This app displays a table with the time spent by all the students in each phase of an Inquiry Learning Space. The time spent is updated in real time. This app also has a student view where the names of the other students are anonymous.
The Peer Assessment Tool allows students to assess each other’s work. Students can give and receive feedback of their peers about a particular learning product in an ILS – hypotheses, questions etc.
The time planner app lets students estimate the time they will spend in the various phases of an ILS.
This app supports students in viewing a special concept map created by aggregating all concept maps from all students in an ILS. No configuration is necessary. Of course, somewhere in the ILS there must be a concept map from which the aggregate concept map can be created.
The phase transitions app intends to let the student reflect on time spent and switching of phases in an ILS. Whereas the time spent app shows the accumulated time for each phase, this tool shows a chart representing when and for how long a student visited a phase.
This tool supports teachers in inspecting the concept maps created by students for an ILS. The tool is normally placed in the Teacher Dashboard.
The time spent app intends to let the student reflect on the time spent in the various phases of the ILS. The teacher can set a norm (as a percentage or in minutes) for each phase. The app shows both the teacher norm and the actual time spent in the phases as a bar chart.
In the time checker app, students can compare their actual time spending in the different phases of an ILS with their own initial planning of this (as given in the Time planner app).