In this lessons we studying Archimedes' principle. To do this, we'll be experimenting with the relationship between density, mass and volume of an object and the magnitude of the buoyant force.

The students organized in teams will use the principles of buoyancy to investigate how mass, gravity,
volume and density is related to the buoyant force of an solid object floating in liquids. They will perform lab activities which investigates the fundamental physics behind pressure in fluids, buoyancy forces, and Archimedes’ principle. The lessons plan is built on Inquiry-based learning, six thinking hats scenario.

Prior Knowledge Requirements

- Basic ICT skills
- Inquiry and reflective skills in order to assist and asses students in their inquiries
- Should be familiar with Archimede`s principle, mass, gravity, volume, density.
- Basic knowledge of inquiry and familiarity with the basic steps of the inquiry cycle
- Knowledge of the selected domain - Fluid mechanics

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