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The phenomenon of shadow was, from antiquity, well defined as the absence of light. Aristotle, in fact, had argued for a spherical earth believing that the curved lines on the lunar surface produced by the shadow of a spherical earth, which interweaved between the sun and the moon (Grant 2011, p.95). The present didactic proposal, for typical and SEN students, is participation for Open Discovery Space’s (ODS) contest for educational scenario of 2014-15 (Greece). It forms IBSE learning model and emphasis was given to the association of the content with every day life, to peer-to-peer education and to the big ideas of science (Harlen 2010). This didactic proposal is supported by a Teaching Plan and Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILS) in Greek and English. Students, working in groups, initially invited to engage in an exploration of the phenomenon of shadow using interactive whiteboard and the learning object “Shadow (umbra and penumbra)” from (see here Moreover, the use metamemory questions is aiming at self-regulation of learning through Judgments of Learning (JOLs) and Ease of Learning,(EOLs) judgments (Karably & Zabrucky 2009).

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