This inclusive environmental ILS was designed implementing the Open Schooling approach. It aspires to turn students to young Climate Change Activitists. Students are invited to reflect on why people don't really worry about Climate Change as well as on their habits and that of their community and think about ways to encourage citizens to uptake action in mitigating Climate Change locally. The activity follows the Design Thinking approach which promotes the Open Schooling concept for building bridge between schools and local communities. It is recommended that before doing this activity, students follow the relative Climate Change scientific inquiry activity, as indicated in the first phase.

Learning Objectives:

After this activity, students should be able to:

  • Understand the impact of climate change to our lives and our planet
  • Understand that every citizen is affected by climate change and that everyone can help mitigate it
  • Discuss about climate change, explain what it is and raise awareness around it

This activity may be used as a standalone project. At the same time, if a teacher would like to design a holistic engaging student’s enterprise “Is Climate Change real?” (for secondary and primary education schools) a set of three lessons could be used as a starting point.

Before the present activity students can engage in one or two others that could be considered preparatory. The students can start with diving in the importance of Climate Change what is really happening  (Looking At The Science Behind The Debate). Then they may engage in an artistic activity to communicate what Climate change mean to them (An artistic point of view). Finally, they can participate in this present open schooling-designed activity during which they can raise awareness about Climate Change in their own community (Spreading the word to your local community).

The ILS design is following the principles of the universal design for learning (UDL) for inclusive learning.

Reviewer: Jens Koslowsky

This activity was developed in the framework of the InSTEAM project.

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