The purpose of this ILS is to develop mathematical knowledge to help students understand how a virus / infectious disease is spreading within a population.

Throughout this lesson it is justified on the basis of mathematics how important preventive measures are.

Mathematics confirms the measures of individual and social responsibility that we all must adhere to.

Mathematical modeling (algebraic and graphical) combined with the statistical processing of global data is an important mathematical tool of the world community for non-spread measures.

This lesson answers the questions:

  • How does a virus spread through a population?
  • What factors and how do they affect the speed and range of propagation?

The creation of mathematical models is a process with many limitations and can in no way replace the natural evolution of diseases, epidemics or the evolution of a population. This lesson is a starting point for understanding real situations with the help of mathematical tools (functions)

Prior Knowledge Requirements

Graphical and algebraic representations

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