Questo percorso didattico evidenzia la relazione tra l'armonia e la sua risonanza con la proprietà e le leggi dei numeri. Leibniz diceva: "La musica è l'esercizio matematico nascosto di una mente che calcola inconsciamente".

Prior Knowledge Requirements

This space is dedicated to understanding the indissoluble link between mathematic, music and ... biology. Through the proposed activities it will be possible to understand what these relationships are and how they can help us in learning the complex mechanisms of "universal speaking" the music.

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Dear all,

I  organized my   ILS according to your advice. 
I hope I did it well. It is an activity organized with my colleagues Sabrina Nappi, Krizia Ajese and Mario Di Fonza. Congratulations on Golab. We will share this ILS to our students probably on thusday  Special thanks to Daniela Leone who supports us.

I await new information thank you and good evevning

Prof Rosanna Busiello