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In this ILS students have to prepare a solid salt from two salt solutions. When students understand solubility and solubility rules they will be able to solve the assignment.

This ILS uses the 5E components in stead of the phases often used in an ILS.

Apps to guide, monitor and regulate student learning have been included, for example Chempy to write chemical equations, Observation tool, Conclusion tool, and Quizzes.

Prior Knowledge Requirements

Ions, solutions of salts, salt solubility rules

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Dear Faer,

I really like this inquiry space. My only concern is that the students are asked to prepare copper hydroxide which is classified as a base rather than a salt. Maybe we can just reconfigure to ask for preparation of lead sulfate so as to avoid this issue. 


Geraldine fsadni

Hi Geraldine,

Glad you like the space.

Classifying chemicals in chemistry is a bit problematic as catagories overlap. See for example ammonuim chloride and sodium acetate. Both are salts but also acid and base. In the Dutch curriculum this is explaided, so there is no confusion about it.

Of course you may change to lead sulfate, but in the video lead iodide was alreaedy used.