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This is the second of three ILSs about light. In this ILS the HTML5 Phet lab “Bending light - Intro” is used. The same female avatar as in the Colour of light guides the students during the ILS. In the beginning of the ILS the students are confronted with two pictures of glasses with a pencil it. In one of the glasses is water. In this glass the pencil seems broken. That’s strange! The students are asked to think why this could be? In the Investigation students can experiment with a light ray shining through two transparent materials. They can discover that sometimes the light ray refracts when going from one transparent material to another. At the end of the ILS the students are confronted with fact that objects don’t seem to be broken when we see them through a window. Why?

The knowledge gained in this ILS is used in the ILS: Refraction of light 2 about the rainbow.

Prior Knowledge Requirements

The Colour of light (ILS)

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