This inclusive environmental ILS was designed following a cultural impact approach. Students will reflect on how much our lives nowadays depend on electricity and fuels, compared to the past and to less developed countries. After understanding the need to transit to renewable energies, they will be introduced to the concept of Renewable Energy Land Art and will create their own Artwork. To finalize the activity, students will gather all their work and plan an exhibition that will reveal their understanding of the importance of renewable energy. 

Learning Objectives

After this activity, students should be able to:

  • Explain how important energy is for countries to develop
  • Explain the importance of renewable energy 
  • Explain the basics of solar energy and wind power
  • Discuss the importance of overcoming cultural barriers
  • Propose Renewable Energy Land Art ideas to their local community


This activity is a standalone activity, although it can be combined with the scientific ILSs Renewable Energy - Here comes the Sun and Renewable Energy-Good Winds, the socioeconomic ILS Renewable Energy Activists and the Open Schooling ILSs (Renewable Energy Agents and Renewable Energy: Junior Ambassadors).

  • The ILS design is following the principles of the universal design for learning (UDL) for inclusive learning.

    Reviewer:  Olga Dziabenko

    This activity was designed in the framework of the InSTEAM project.

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