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This is the first of three ILSs about light. In this ILS the HTML5 Phet lab “Color vision” is used. A female avatar guides the students during the ILS. The first part is about the fact that we can only see things when light is shining on them. This light is reflected by the object and comes in our eyes. In the second part the avatar tells the students that a friend of her told her that white light actually is a mixture of colours. The students are stimulated to reflect on this. In the next part the students use the lab in which they can use the three basic colours (red, green and blue) to create other colours. They will discover that when they mix the three basic colours they will get white light. At the end of the ILS it is explicated that light consists of waves and that every colour has a different wavelength.

The knowledge gained in this ILS is used in the ILSs: Refraction of light 1 and 2.

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