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The following ILS is designed in order to help nine-year-old students discover the structure and the functioning of grid connected photovoltaic panels, their possible advantages and disadvantages. The duration of its implementation might vary from 6 hours to 8 hours.



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The following ILS includes five phases. The first phase, orientation, allows to formulate the question that inspired the whole project, the second phase, conceptualisation, provides the vocabulary and the information required to understand and carry out the exercices presented during the third phase, investigation. In this phase, all the students, working in small groups, are invited to collect or calculate different types of data, as well as represent them by means of graphs, using Excel. In this way, for example, they will be able to determine the amount of energy given by the solar panels to the power grid or received from it during certain periods of time, but also the variation of the solar energy collected by a solar panel taking the variation of its angle of inclination or size into account. The fourth phase, conclusion, allows the students to test and show their knowledge, as well as provide their personal feedbacks. Finally, the fifth phase, discussion, leads all the students to reflect and consider possible advantages and disadvantages implied by the use of grid connected PV panels.