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In this ILS students learn about the states of matter. An investigator named Jack guides the students through the ILS. This ILS is designed as an assimilation assignment for chapter 5 of a schoolbook (Wijzer! Natuur en Techniek).  

  1. The students create hypotheses about how the movement of atoms differs when temperature changes, with the help of the information from the videos.
  2. The students test their hypotheses in the virtual laboratory.
  3. The students can change the different states of matter by regulating the temperature in the lab.
  4. The students can observe and report how the movement of atoms differs across the different states of matter.
  5. The students can relate the differences in movements (slow/stagnant, moderate, and fast) to the different states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) and specific changes in temperature (heating and cooling down).

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