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This program simulates two giants running in the rain with different speed and calculates how many raindrops will they catch. In the simulation we assume the body volume of the giant as rectangular blocks. The effective volumes of both giants are the same and do not change while they are running. Raindrops fall vertically(no wind) onto the giant with a constant velocity (terminal speed). The density of the rain shower is uniform in space and time. The running speed of giant A (black) is twice faster than the giant B (brown).

此程式模擬在雨中以不同速度奔跑的兩個巨人淋雨的狀況。模擬中假設巨人移動過程中受雨體積為固定的長方體,兩個巨人奔跑時的等效體積相同,下雨密度均勻不變,雨滴垂直地面落下(無風),巨人A(黑色)奔跑速度為巨人B(咖啡色)的兩倍。請觀察兩巨人在兩個不同情境下 ("奔跑相同時間";"從屋簷m跑到屋簷n" )後的頭頂,側身與全身淋雨量的變化。


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