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This program simulates the kinetic motion of a bomber dropping a bomb to hit the radar on the ground. The bomber is flying horizontally with speed of Vx (m/s) at height H (meter). The bomb will be dropped at a distance of L (meter) when the bomber is approaching the radar. The mission is to hit the radar on target. If you were the soldier on the bomber to drop the bomb, can you set the parameters Vx, H, and L correctly so that the bullet can hit on the radar? (gravitational acceleration g=10 m/s^2)

此程式模擬水平飛行的轟炸機投彈轟炸地面雷達的過程。模擬任務: 假設你是位正接受飛行訓練的飛行員,本次訓練任務是轟炸敵軍的雷達站,轟炸機以水平等速飛行,速度為 Vx (公尺/秒),飛行在敵軍領空 H 公尺高處,於距離雷達站 L 公尺處(投彈點)投彈擊中雷達站完成任務。你能設定正確的參數,準確快速的達成轟炸任務嗎? (重力加速度為10公尺/秒^2)


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