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This simulation allows the student to control the depth of a submarine's submersion in water. The submarine has a mass of 30000 grams and a volume of 52500 cm^3 and is floating upon the surface of the ocean at the start of the simulation (density of seawater: 1.03 g/cm^3). The student can add or remove water from the submarine's ballast tank to control the depth of the submarine's submersion and observe changes in the buoyancy of the submarine.

此程式模擬控制潛水艇沉浮的動力過程,模擬中是一台船身淨重為30000公克,船身體積為52500立方公分的模型小潛艇浮在海面上(海水密度:1.03 公克/立方公分),使用者可控制潛艇內水艙的進水/排水以控制潛水艇的沉浮,並觀察過程中船身所受重力與浮力的變化!


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