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This program simulates the trajectory of a car driving into a circular path with a fixed speed V (km/hr) under different weather conditions. The radius of the circular path is 25 m. To keep the car driving safely through the circular path, the car needs a centripetal force to change its course. This centripetal force is provided by the friction between the road surface and car tires. In different weather conditions, the static friction coefficient between the road surface and car tires changes.
Do you know what are the maximum speeds of car you can drive safely through the circular path under different weather conditions?(gravitational acceleration g=10 m/s^2)

此程式模擬一等速率V (公里/小時) 行駛的車輛於直線道行駛進入彎道車輛行駛的軌跡。彎道的旋轉半徑為25公尺,路面與輪胎間的靜摩擦係數為mu,車輛進入彎道後的向心力由車輛與路面的摩擦力提供。在不同天候下,輪胎與路面的靜摩擦係數會改變,試問路面與輪胎間的靜摩擦係數 (mu) 與車輛行駛速率 (V) 間關係應為何,方能使車輛安全行駛在彎道裡?(g=10 公尺/秒^2)


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