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This simulation allows to observe the refraction of light through a converging lens on an abstract level.

An arrow (object) and the image of the arrow (image of the object) can be observed dynamically, while the focal length of the lens f, the object size G and the object distance g can be manipulated by the learner using sliders. The simulation can visualize real images as well as virtual images. Numeric values of the focal length f, the object size G, the object distance g, the image size B, and the image distance b are displayed at any time additionally to the visualization of the process.

Parts of the simulation, e.g. optical axis or dimensioning, can be shown or hidden as the learner wishes.

The simulation was created for learners in middle schools, subject: physics, topic: optics.


Lab Source: Joachim Herz Stiftung, <>.
The simulation was edited by Salome Wörner.


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