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This lab was designed to have students notice the difference between static friction and sliding friction. They will change the mass of an object that is being pulled across a surface and plot out the changes to friction vs. normal. They will use the slope of this graph to determine the coefficient of friction for their surface. 

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I found your lab simulation and REALLY LIKE IT ... Really love the graphical output ... since I'm trying to replace hands on at home

BUT ...

When I ran some trials I get mu values that are about half of published values ???

For example I got 0.75 for Rubber / Ice (published is 0.15)

I got 0.25 for Aluminum on Steel (published is 0.45 to 0.61)

Is there a way to adjust on your end ... no rush... was hoping to COVID assign this week 4/20/2020 :-/

Tim McKnight