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In this simulation, you can investigate constant pressure (isobaric), constant-volume (isochoric), and constant temperature (isothermal) processes. You can add or remove 400 J of heat with any of these processes, and see what happens to the gas itself, the resulting path on the P-V diagram, and also the impact on the various parameters. Note that the purple isotherms on the P-V diagram are separated by 200 K, and the gas is monatomic.

The gas does no work in a constant volume process. The work done in a constant pressure process, or in a constant temperature process is indicated by the shaded area below the path on the P-V diagram. This is shaded red if the work done by the gas is positive, and blue if the work done by the gas is negative. Note that the unit the kPa liter is a joule, so the area under the curve has units of joules.

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