The lab enables a user to experiment with linear systems of the selected order from 1 to 5 with or without feedback.

After the experiment is started, it can not be started again before it is finished (10 sec max duration).

System input is a step function with height from 0 to 5000mV.

In order to produce the step, the value of the step function should be changed before starting the experiment (eg from 0 to 5000, or from 5000 to 0)

Duration of the experiment can be adjusted from 0 to 10000mS. The higher the system, the longer the adjusted duration should be in order to see the graph of the system output.

Feedback signal can be adjusted from 0 - no feedback, to max feedback of 5000.

Sampling time can be adjusted in the interval from 10 to 1000 mS with 25mS default value.

Obtained output for the set parameters can be saved to file with supplied file name, and checked Save in file check box.

Saved file appears in drop down list where it can be selected and displayed.

Numerical data for currently displayed graph can be displayed and saved to a local computer.

On the upper left, the total number of connected users is displayed, and on the upper right, the total number of users connected to a server, which can host more than one experiment, is displayed.

Graph of the output is displayed on the bottom.

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