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The simulation involves mixing ice and water. We have 100 grams of ice, which starts at -10 degrees Celsius. We have some liquid water with an initial temperature of +10 degrees celsius its mass is set by the slider.

The ice and water are mixed, and the system comes to equilibrium. Note that the simulation uses the following values:
the specific heat of liquid water is 1.0 cal/(g deg. C)
the specific heat of solid water is 0.5 cal/(g deg. C)
the latent heat of water is 80 cal/g.
There is some rounding for those last two values.

With the slider, adjust the amount of water that we have initially. Don't forget to be amazed by the incredibly large range of values the mass of water can take on with the final temperature of the mixture still being 0 degrees Celsius. A big reason for this is that there is a great deal of energy associated with a phase change.

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