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In the Photoelectric Effect Lab students can investigate how the intensity and frequency of electromagnetic radiation influence the occurrence of the photoelectric effect on different metals. The simulation allows students to change the variables of intensity, frequency/wavelength, and target material and observe whether the effect took place. Each iteration is recorded in a table, which also displays the values of the kinetic energy and the amount of emitted electrons. It is also possible to add graphs of the number of emitted electrons vs. intensity and of the kinetic energy of emitted electrons vs. frequency. The teacher can also choose for emitted electrons to represented in the lab as a sphere or as the symbol “e-”. This simulation does not include the option of changing the voltage of the overall circuit.

The Photoelectric Effect Lab can be used as a data source for the Data Viewer.

This lab can also be configured to run in collaboration mode. To enable collaboration, add the Collaboration Tool to the ILS in Graasp.

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