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This simulation models a situation where a red ball is dropped or launched from the top of a moving truck. A truck travels with constant velocity Ve = -200 cm/s (moving to the left). At top of the rear of the truck is a red ball, which will be either dropped (V = 0 cm/s) or launched (V > 0 cm/s) when the truck passes the black line on the ground. Take a guess: when V = 0 cm/s, 200 cm/s, and 400 cm/s, which basket will the ball fall into in each of these cases?

此程式模擬一顆從移動中的貨車屋頂落下/射出的紅球的運動軌跡。有一輛以等速度 Ve= -200 公分/秒向左移動的貨車,在其後方的屋頂上載有ㄧ顆紅色球,當貨車行駛到黑線位置時,屋頂上有ㄧ彈簧裝置可使紅球自由落下(V=0)或是以等速度V (V>0)向右方射出。


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