Solar module lab provides voltage (V) / current (I) characteristic of the selected solar module.

Based on recorded V/I characteristic, the short circuit current (Isc), open circuit voltage (Voc) values are determined, the power curve is also provided, with max Power (P max) and corresponding voltage (V Pmax) and current (I Pmax).

Fill Factor (FF) is the ratio P max / Isc * Voc.

Equivalent serial resistance Rs of the single solar cell in module is calculated from obtained data.

Two same light LED sources are combined and can be activated by selecting check boxes in "Light power".

Activated light sources can be tested with "Light test" button, showing result bellow (Light OK or No light).

When starting the new experiment, the "Small module" should be selected from the drop down list, as it is currently the only one present. Also, one or two light source check boxes should be selected, or there will be no light.

Noise filtering can be turned ON or OF by selecting / deselecting check box.

If the experimental data are to be saved in fie, the "Save in file" should be checked, and unique "File name" provided.

"Points distance" (default 51) can be set from 1 to 100. 1 means that every point is presented on graph, while greater than 1 means every nth is presented. (100 is every 100th point presented on graph).

"Graph axis" can be changed by selecting V-I or I-V.

Filtering implemented as "Moving average" can be specified by selecting value Nf for number of averaged values. 1 means no filtering.

Filtering is applied on acquired data, and can be repeated with various valus for Nf without starting new experiment.

Average Na is performed during acquisition, and should be specified before experiment. Na is the number of measured averaged values for the each graph point.

"Display file graph" button displayes recorded experiment data.

"Download original data" displays text file with all acquired data for the current graph.

"Download graph data" displays text file with data from the current graph depending on the set value for "Points distance"

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