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 The determination of the speed of light is always a challenge for accurate measurements, since Gallileo four hundred years ago supposed that light is travelling with a finite velocity. Ole Rømer - for the first time 350 years ago - determined the speed of light by an astronomical method. Since then a variety of methods, to determine the velocity c of light, were developed and the accuracy to fix the value of the speed of light increased during centuries. Because of other reasons - a set of fundamental physical constants within SI-units - the velocity of light is nowadays defined to possess an exact value c = 299 792 458 m/s. From physics point of view the speed of light has a certain relevance in special relativity by A. Einstein, in which c is a constant upper limiting velocity, by which information can be transported, and by which masses can not move faster than light. In this RCL the velocity of light will be determined by a simple time of flight method, i.e. to measure the distance and time interval of an emitted light pulse.

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