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Remote access and control of the circuit for measurement of static transistor characteristic. Four transistors are available NPN BD139, N MOSFET IRF520, PNP BD140 and P MOSFET IRF 9530. Test circuit provides linear voltage change 0 - 9V and user selectable input current / voltage for characteristic measurement. Bipolar NPN / PNP transistors have constant current input and colector current output which varies as colector voltge supply goes from 0 to +9V for NPN and from 0 to -9V for PNP transistor. Input base current is kept constant during full colector voltage change. For diffrenet user selected input currents, a family of curves can be obtained allowing calculation of current amplification as a dimesionless number.

P and N MOSFET unipolar transistors are voltage controlled elements, with gate voltage kept constant during drain voltage change fron 0 to +9V for N type MOSFET, and 0 to -9V for P type MOSFET. 

For both bipolar and unipolar transistors, chart with family of curves can be obtained for different user selected input values acting as a parameter. Typical flat areas are obtained for all types of transistors where collector current is constant for a given input current of bipolar transistor, and constant drain current for a given constant gate voltage of a unipolar transistor. 



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