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This program simulates motions of two objects of equal weight being submerged into water. There are three crowns (all weighted 1000 grams) in this simulation: one is made of pure gold and the other two are alloys. On the right hand side of the lever hangs a piece of pure gold (1000 grams). Can you tell which of these crowns (A, B, C) is made of pure gold? What are the densities of three crowns? 

此程式模擬兩個重量相同但密度不一定相同的物體沉入水中的過程。模擬中有三頂重量皆為1000公克的皇冠,其中有一頂是純金製成的,其他兩頂卻是合金(參雜其他金屬)製成,槓桿右端懸掛的重量也是1000公克的純金金條。你知道哪個皇冠才是純金製成的真皇冠嗎?這三頂黃冠的密度關係為何(皇冠A > 皇冠B > 皇冠C 還是 皇冠A < 皇冠B < 皇冠C)?使用模擬中的量測工具後,你能算出三頂皇冠的密度嗎?


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