Are you an owner of a remote or virtual online lab and you want to publish it on our Sharing Platform? This page explains how to do it!

Adding and managing online labs

  • In order to add an online lab, you need a user account in the Go-Lab Ecosystem. Please sign in or sign up using Graasp
  • After having registered to the system, you will be presented with your user profile. Here you will find the "Publish Lab" button, alternatively you can use the “Publish lab” button on the labs page at
  • To make your lab usable in an ILS you need to create an embedded link. Please use the Go-Lab Smart Gateway Service for that
  • To submit an online lab, you will be asked to add information about it. Please provide all required information, so the users can get a good overview of your lab
  • After you have submitted your online lab, it will appear in your user profile. Here you can access your lab and edit its description, if needed
  • The lab will be reviewed and published by a Go-Lab expert within 24 hours after submission

Which requirements must be fulfilled?

  • You must own the rights on the lab
  • You agree that Go-Lab users will use your lab free of charge
  • You provide sustainable access to your lab
  • The lab needs to be hosted online and run in a browser

If you experience any problems with publishing your lab, please contact us using our contact form.