Online labs provide your students with the possibility to conduct scientific experiments in an online environment. Remotely-operated labs (remote labs) offer an opportunity to experiment with real equipment from remote locations. Virtual labs simulate the scientific equipment. Data sets present data from already performed lab experiments. Please use the filters on the right to find appropriate online labs for your class. Labs can be combined with dedicated Apps to create Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs).

If you are looking for online labs especially suitable for the curricula of Benin, Kenya or Nigeria, please visit our Collections page.

If you select labs in Italian, the descriptions on this website will still be displayed in English. However, when you include the lab in an ILS and change the language setting of the ILS to Italian, the lab will be displayed in Italian within the ILS.

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The aim of this RCL is to learn how to use an oscilloscope. The architecture of an oscilloscope will be described in the theoretical part, its use can be exercised in the laboratory section.

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This is a close visualization of a micrometer. It helps students to practice reading the measurements of this device.