Online labs provide your students with the possibility to conduct scientific experiments in an online environment. Remotely-operated labs (remote labs) offer an opportunity to experiment with real equipment from remote locations. Virtual labs simulate the scientific equipment. Data sets present data from already performed lab experiments. Please use the filters on the right to find appropriate online labs for your class. Labs can be combined with dedicated Apps to create Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs).

This program is to simulation the kinetic process of a non-elastic collision and the following projectile motion.
Through this remote lab students can experiment what happens with two rays of light passing through a biconvex, biconcave or convex lens. They can control the lens at any time.
This simulation was made using the Scratch programming environment ( and allows a student to choose one of three weather conditions (sunny, partly cloudy or cloudy).
This simulation visualizes superposition of waves. Students can vary amplitude, period and phase of each wave and see how it influences the result. 
This simulation allows students to connect pendulum oscillations with the formula and the graph describing it.
The energy transport lab lets students design an electricity network that supplies electric power to towns.  Activities in the lab are selecting locations for the power plants on a map, designing the cables, transmission towers and the transformers.  Students can optimize the network on efficienc
此程式模擬在雨中以不同速度奔跑的兩個巨人淋雨的狀況。模擬中假設巨人移動過程中受雨體積為固定的長方體,兩個巨人奔跑時的等效體積相同,下雨密度均勻不變,雨滴垂直地面落下(無風),巨人A(黑色)奔跑速度為巨人B(咖啡色)的兩倍。請觀察兩巨人在兩個不同情境下 ("奔跑相同時間";"從屋簷m跑到屋簷n" )後的頭頂,側身與全身淋雨量的變化。
此程式模擬一等速率V (公里/小時) 行駛的車輛於直線道行駛進入彎道車輛行駛的軌跡。彎道的旋轉半徑為25公尺,路面與輪胎間的靜摩擦係數為mu,車輛進入彎道後的向心力由車輛與路面的摩擦力提供。在不同天候下,輪胎與路面的靜摩擦係數會改變,試問路面與輪胎間的靜摩擦係數 (mu) 與車輛行駛速率 (V) 間關係應為何,方能使車輛安全行駛在彎道裡?(g=10 公尺/秒^2)
此程式模擬由21個單擺組成的蛇擺(pendulum wave)的擺動過程。蛇擺是由N個獨立的單擺組成,單擺間相鄰的兩個擺的擺動頻率差為相同的值 df。模擬中擺動頻率最小的擺(擺長最長)為 f (1/秒),擺動頻率最大的擺(擺長最短)為 ff (1/秒) 。學生可先觀看N=21 時蛇擺的擺動過程,再調整擺的數目N由少(N=2)至多,探討蛇擺因兩兩頻率差造成觀察到蛇擺的波動現象的原因;亦可探討哪些因素會影響蛇擺由初始狀態到下一次蛇擺擺回初始狀態的時間。
此程式模擬水平飛行的轟炸機投彈轟炸地面雷達的過程。模擬任務: 假設你是位正接受飛行訓練的飛行員,本次訓練任務是轟炸敵軍的雷達站,轟炸機以水平等速飛行,速度為 Vx (公尺/秒),飛行在敵軍領空 H 公尺高處,於距離雷達站 L 公尺處(投彈點)投彈擊中雷達站完成任務。你能設定正確的參數,準確快速的達成轟炸任務嗎? (重力加速度為10公尺/秒^2)