Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) are personalized learning resources for students, including a lab, apps, and any other type of multimedia material. ILSs follow an inquiry cycle. Inquiry cycles can differ but the basic Go-Lab cycle consists of the phases Orientation, Conceptualisation, Investigation, Conclusion, and Discussion. The aim of an ILS is to provide students with an opportunity to conduct scientific experiments, being guided through the inquiry process and supported at each step.

This page presents ILSs created by teachers or the Go-Lab and/or Next-Lab team (and often in co-creation), on a large set of domains and in many languages. You can create ILSs starting from an online lab, but also copy and adapt an existing ILS with the help of the Go-Lab authoring platform. Visit the Support page where you will find demo-videos, tips & tricks, and user manuals, that explain how to work with the Go-Lab authoring platform and how to publish your own ILS once it is finished.

Цей простір буде цікавим для дітей 9-10, 11-12 років. Основним завданням середовища є допомогти дітям зрозуміти, що: 1) врівноважити дошку можна не тільки однаковими за масою предметами, а й предметами різної ваги;
This lesson is about area and perimeter (translation of the space 'Bouw een Tuinhuis voor Stephen en Marie'). By helping Stephen and Marie design and build a garden house, you will learn to calculate area and perimeter.
Καλώς ήρθατε στο εργαστήριο «Ευτυχώς υπάρχει και η Άνωση» στο οποίο θα γνωρίσουμε  τη δύναμη που δέχονται όλα τα σώματα που είναι βυθισμένα μέσα σε ένα υγρό. Θα συνεχίσουμε να μαθαίνουμε για την Άνωση στο εργαστήριο «Εύρηκα!».
 Alimentaţia omului reprezintă unul din stâlpii fundamentali ai construcţiei sale, elementul esenţial al vieţii însă, constituie probabil, şi cauza principală a bolilor sau a morţii. Sănătatea şi echilibrul fiecărui individ se află în corelaţie directă cu hrana.
Attività didattica realizzata all'IC9 di Bologna riguardante il Teorema di Pitagora contenente animazioni e rappresentazioni grafiche. L'investigazione segue lo scenario di base dell'Inquiry Learning.
With Phyphox you can use your smartphone as a personal lab at home and in school. This is the first ILS about this new tool that can help you better understand science.  
Science Journal from Google has a windmill project where the technology and engineering of an Anduino One and a lightsensor are helping to understand how the windmill works.    
In questa attività sono state utilizzate le domande delle prove nazionali INVALSI animando le risposte con GeoGebra.
Unitate didaktiko honen helburu nagusia da, ikasleek ILSaren bidez, likidotik gasera aldaketan partikulen portaeraren inguruko oinarrizko ezagutzak ikastea da, baporizatzearen prozesuan gertatzen dena ulertzeko.
Students learn about optical illusion and create your own Op Art.