Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) are personalized learning resources for students, including a lab, apps, and any other type of multimedia material. ILSs follow an inquiry cycle. Inquiry cycles can differ but the basic Go-Lab cycle consists of the phases Orientation, Conceptualisation, Investigation, Conclusion, and Discussion. The aim of an ILS is to provide students with an opportunity to conduct scientific experiments, being guided through the inquiry process and supported at each step.

This page presents ILSs created by teachers or the Go-Lab and/or Next-Lab team (and often in co-creation), on a large set of domains and in many languages. You can create ILSs starting from an online lab, but also copy and adapt an existing ILS with the help of the Go-Lab authoring platform. Visit the Support page where you will find demo-videos, tips & tricks, and user manuals, that explain how to work with the Go-Lab authoring platform and how to publish your own ILS once it is finished.

Se cuenta que Arquímedes dijo sobre la palanca: «Dadme un punto de apoyo y moveré el mundo».En esta unidad entenderemos y estudiaremos las palancas
This space introduces the concept of supernovae as the source of heavy elements.Full version in Graasp:
Σχέδιο μαθήματος για τη Στ΄ τάξη του Δημοτικού, για τη λειτουργία της ηλεκτρογεννήτριας.
Σχέδιο μαθήματος για τη Στ΄ τάξη του Δημοτικού, για τη λειτουργία του ματιού.
With these activity students will understand the Archimedes' Principle by generating their hypotheses as well as exploating and defending their predictions with carefully chosen set of experiments.
Lan honek materia aurkeztren du eta zenbait ezaugarri: masa, bolumena eta dentsitatea.
Este espacio pretende Ayudar a los Alumnos de una Comprender La Razón Por La Que los electrones se Mueven mejor en UNOS Materiales Que en Otros.
Try to understand the functioning of an electrical circuit establishing an analogy with a mountain run. According to this, deduce the Ohm's Law carrying out some variations in critical parameters and predicting current or intensity changes.
Ο σκοπός αυτού του μαθήματος είναι να αποσαφηνίσει τον τρόπο με τον οποίο συνδέονται οι ηλεκτρικοί λαμπτήρες σε ένα σπίτι, σε σειρά ή παράλληλα; Ο ρόλος σου είναι να ανακαλύψεις, ακολουθώντας απλά βήματα, ποιό είδος συνδεσμολογίας είναι το κατάλληλο.
Zeintzuk dira flotatzen diren gorputzak? Zeintzuk hondoratzen dira? Flotagarritasunak badu zer ikusirik dentsitatearekin? Eta Bolumenarekin? : Saiakuntza egin!.